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Short Sale by HAFA

by Bruce on March 18, 2011

in Stop Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure - Short SaleWhen it comes to homeowners losing their homes who do not qualify for a loan modification, the government has stepped up again and created HAFA(Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives). In this program the government is paying for many items normally the seller would have had to pay for prior to this stimulus package. Some of the great benefits of this program include:
-Walk away free of debt
-No deficiency judgement filed
-Relocation money
-Expedited short sale process
Time is very crucial when it comes to these situations so if you already have a NOD(Notice of Default, 90 late notice) or a NOS(Notice of Trustee Sale) it is in your very best interest to contact us now. We can stop the foreclosure date and buy you some more time. The last thing you want is for the bank to sell your home at auction and now you are forced to be evicted.

These times are tough and they require hard decisions to be made but HAFA is making a very clear and easy choice for homeowners in this situation, providing them with the time and resources to gather everything they need to get a fresh start.

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